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A biochemical “switch” is a driving force behind many of the chronic diseases of aging. The name of this newly identified “switch” is HMGB1, which stands for High Mobility Group Box-1. HMGB1 turns on the release of chemical signals called cytokines that generate inflammation in your body.

The more chronic inflammation you have, the more rapidly your body ages. The tragic consequence of higher levels of inflammation is the acceleration of chronic diseases that cause premature death and disability.

Once scientists uncovered the switch that “turns on” chronic inflammation, they began looking for a safe and effective means of “turning off” that switch. Researchers have found two natural ingredients that can directly control HMGB1, reducing the body’s exposure to chronic inflammation, and ultimately protecting against inflammation-induced disorders.

First there is mung bean extract. It inhibits HMGB1 from immune cells, activated by infections, cellular injury and tissue death. Second is EGCG, the powerful antioxidant from green tea. Not only does it enhance detoxification pathways, but also inhibits HMGB1 interactions with other inflammatory like NF-kappa-beta. The interaction between HMGB1 and NK-kappa-beta can increase chronic inflammation to dangerous levels.

Mung bean extract and green tea’s EGCG is a powerful combination for easing chronic inflammation, an important step in living healthier longer.

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