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Sad but true…once you hit 50, both men and women suffer bone density loss that can make them prone to injuries from possible bone fractures or even breaks. These injuries are a lot more prevalent than you think … and a lot more dangerous.

Taking calcium and magnesium daily for bone health is a smart start at heading that off. But you need to be sure you’re taking the right forms of these nutrients. Now, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory identified the exact composition of minerals that gives bone its outstanding properties … and it turns out that magnesium citrate is critical to that composition.

Using MRI technology, Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University characterized the exact make-up of bone matrix and discovered that calcium is embedded within an organic matrix of mostly collagen fibers. This calcium-collagen matrix is held tightly together and resists cracks when magnesium citrate is present.

In addition, it requires vitamin D3, zinc, manganese, silicon, boron and other nutrients so that the calcium and magnesium will be effectively incorporated into the bone matrix. In short, to maintain healthy bones after 50 you need to supplement with the bone-boosting nutrients in Life Extension®’s Bone Restore.

This comprehensive formula provides the magnesium citrate you need … plus 1200 milligrams of elemental calcium from three different forms — dicalcium malate, calcium glycinate and calcium fructoborate. It also contains OsteoBoron® … a bioavailable form of boron chemically identical to the natural plant forms found in food … plus zinc, silicon, manganese, and 1000 units of vitamin D3.

The optimal doses of critical vitamins and minerals in Bone Restore will help you maintain bone health throughout the rest of your life. And with healthy bones, you’re more likely to make it a long life!

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