Removing This 1 Hidden Cause ELIMINATES Acid Reflux

Several months ago, I had a very interesting
conversation with a 53-Year-old guy named Jeff Martin.
It appears that Jeff had once been diagnosed with
esophageal cancer.
Jeff claimed that the medical community was not
addressing the acid reflux condition properly and had
used particularly strong words against Big Pharma
whom he felt had been deliberately not providing the
According to Jeff, who is now completely free
of cancer and acid reflux, the ‘enemy’ resides within.
Indeed, Jeff attributed acid reflux to ONE hidden
cause (other than diet or stress).
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The acid reflux breakthrough was made by a biologist
and fellow acid reflux victim, Bob Andrews…who
shared his discovery with Jeff.
If you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn in any level of
severity, I truly recommend that you watch the
video Jeff had shared with me:
Click to Watch How Jeff Cured His Acid Reflux
To Heartburn Freedom!

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