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Prostate health is a concern of every guy over the age of 40. Located just below the bladder, the prostate gland is intricately connected to male urinary health and quality of life. So Life Extension created Ultra Natural Prostate Formula with AprèsFlex™ and Standardized Lignans to help maintain a healthy prostate and promote normal urinary function.

In fact, no other prostate protection formula provides such a broad array of scientifically validated nutrients — 10 in total — to address the factors involved in maintaining prostate health. Those factors are: healthy hormone levels, cellular support, and the suppression of inflammatory factors.

To maintain healthy hormone levels in the prostate gland, it’s important to minimize the effects of estrogen and DHT … a powerful form of testosterone. So Ultra Natural Prostate formula includes standardized lignans from flax and Norway spruce trees.

Lignans are plant fibers that convert into enterolactone in the intestines … which is then absorbed into the bloodstream. Enterolactone has demonstrated anti-estrogen and anti-DHT effects that are especially important for prostate health.

Ultra Natural Prostate also includes nettle root extract to target the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which happens at higher rates in aging men. Prostate cells are highly sensitive to estrogen’s growth stimulatory effects. And nettle root extract helps support prostate cells against excess estrogen levels.

Saw palmetto extract also helps interfere with DHT activity in the prostate… while it supports normal urinary flow, and helps control inflammatory factors. Now, to support prostate cell health, Ultra Natural Prostate Formula includes boron, a mineral that promotes healthy cell division and DNA replication …And lycopene, the carotenoid that gives tomatoes their red color. Lycopene, promotes healthy DNA gene function.

Then there is the matter of inflammation. As men age, inflammation makes it difficult to maintain optimal prostate health and comfort. So Ultra Natural Prostate contains pygeum … a powerful plant extract that helps suppress prostaglandin E2, a major promoter of prostate inflammation. Reducing prostaglandin E2 keeps the prostate gland placid and comfortable.

The newest addition to this formula is AprèsFlex™ … a next-generation form of boswellia extract. Boswellia is clinically shown to inhibit the dangerous 5-LOX enzyme which causes inflammation. And because AprèsFlex is far better absorbed than other forms of bowellia, it is far more effective.

As you can see, Ultra Natural Prostate Formula with AprèsFlex™ and Standardized Lignans is so comprehensive, it’s light-years ahead of commercial prostate support formulas. No wonder its considered the gold standard for prostate health. And you know what they say. Go for the gold!

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