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Cellular energy is essential to sustaining life. And mitochondria are the powerhouses that produce that energy in every cell in your body. Your heart, brain and kidneys are dense with them … because those organs require a lot of energy.

CoQ10 is essential to helping mitochondria convert fats and sugars into usable cellular energy. It’s also a potent antioxidant that helps protect critical cell proteins and mitochondrial DNA from oxidative damage.

Yet, as you age, your body’s own production of CoQ10 declines significantly. In fact, research shows that the process of aging reduces CoQ10 levels in the heart muscle wall by as much as 72%!

That’s why Life Extension has been reporting on the benefits of CoQ10 for years. In fact, we first introduced Americans to CoQ10 supplementation in 1983. We consider it an essential supplement everyone should take.

There are two forms of CoQ10 available as supplements… ubiquinone and ubiquinol. Ubiquinone CoQ10 was the original form used as a supplement. But ubiquinone CoQ10 is notoriously difficult to absorb.

So when Life Extension learned of the more bioactive ubiquinol form of CoQ10 back in 1986, we immediately reported its benefits. In animal studies, the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 was found to be 40% more effective in slowing measurements of aging than ubiquinone CoQ10. And in human studies measuring exercise-induced fatigue, ubiquinol was 90% more effective than ubiquinone.

Although the development of ubiquinol CoQ10 was a great step forward, Life Extension has sought to deliver still more CoQ10 to the mitochondria to further facilitate cellular energy production … and we’ve found a way to do just that.

We now know that when ubiquinol CoQ10 is combined with shilajit — a natural vitality compound from the Himalayas — CoQ10 levels double in the mitochondria. This combination restores and sustains cellular energy way beyond CoQ10 alone.

This combination works so well that in a breakthrough study, CoQ10 together with shilajit produced a 56% increase in cellular energy production in the brain (40% better than CoQ10 alone) … and a 144% increase in cellular energy production in muscles like your heart (27% better than CoQ10 alone).

So make your CoQ10 work harder to deliver more health benefits. Make it Life Extension’s Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with Enhanced Mitochondrial Support. Get both ubiquinol CoQ10 and shilajit together in one formulation … for a powerful synergy that supports more youthful cellular energy production.

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