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You probably never realized that some of the foods you eat every day can actually hurt your joints. That’s right. Eggs, red meat, poultry, cheese, dairy products … they all contain a pro-inflammatory compound called arachidonic acid. And scientific studies show that too much arachidonic acid increases levels of an inflammatory enzyme called 5-lipoxygenase or 5-LOX. Now, increasing 5-LOX activity results in the accumulation of pro-inflammatory compounds. And this is not good. But there is a solution.

For years Life Extension® has been helping people like you ease joint inflammation and protect joint function with our ArthroMax™ formulation. And as effective as that formula is, we’ve just taken it to a whole other level by adding two key ingredients.

The first is AprèsFlex™ … a patent-pending dietary ingredient clinically shown to effectively inhibit the 5-LOX enzyme … because inhibiting 5-LOX helps ease joint inflammation.

But we also need to support collagen in the joints because collagen is the main component of joint cartilage. When collagen is maintained within the joint, mobility and function are preserved.

AprèsFlex™ can help there too. It preserves the collagen in a joint which supports the cartilage surrounding the joint space.So AprèsFlex™ eases joint inflammation AND improves joint function and mobility. That’s a huge step forward for joint health!

Now to further support joint cartilage, Life Extension’s ArthroMax formula also includes a collagen ingredient called UC-II®.

UC-II® consists of undenatured type II collagen … which is exactly what you need for proper joint health and function.

In human clinical studies UC-II® was shown to promote joint flexibility and mobility.

We’ve taken a great product and made it far better. A close look at the ArthroMax label will show you what we mean.

The first ingredient you see is Glucosamine, which is well-known to support the structural foundation of the joints. Next is AprèsFlex™, the powerful 5-LOX inhibitor that eases joint inflammation. Then UC-II® supports joint cartilage and promotes joint flexibility and mobility. And last, the trace mineral boron, which is essential for healthy bones and joints. As you can see, ArthroMax™ Advanced w/UC-II® & AprèsFlex™ is a complete joint formula in every sense. So now that you know, get some … and get moving again!

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