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Male Panel Blood Test

Recommended for Men:

* Currently using or considering hormone supplements - especially testosterone or DHEA.
* Experiencing loss of energy, well-being or libido
* Worried about diabetes, heart disease, prostate health, stroke or chronic inflammation


Includes everything in the Chemistry/CBC profile PLUS cardiac risk markers, an inflammation marker, thyroid function, prostate cancer screening, and vitamin D.


* Free and Total Testosterone
* Estradiol (the most predominant estrogen)
* DHEA-S (an important hormone that tends to be depleted steadily with age)
* PSA (prostate cancer screening)
* C-Reactive protein (measurement of inflammation)
* Chemistry Panel (Complete metabolic panel with lipids)
* Complete blood count (CBC)
* TSH (thyroid function)
* Homocysteine (risk factor for coronary heart disease)
* Hemoglobin A1C (long term sugar control)
* Vitamin D

Order the Male Panel Blood Test Here:

Item# LC322582

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